My First Open Source Event

My First Open Source Event


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I am here to share that I have secured 3rd Rank in an Open Source event conducted in my college. I know that this is not a very big achievement but for me, it matters very much as currently I am in the first year of Btech and competing with my seniors and my batchmates was pretty challenging. The event was of a comπŸ™plete month and I interacted with many mentors and solved many bugs from different projects. There were many times when I felt demotivated but there my seniors and friends always motivated me to hustle more and more. A total of 19 Pull Request of mine was successfully merged. Seniors of my community always helped me when I got stuck.

I have always been curious about Open Source and the way people interact and work on projects. I remember that before I thought that why should I participate I will not achieve anything but my senior said me too and I did. One must begin win or lose is part, the main thing is the learning that one gets.

I also build a good network in my field with mentors and developers. This event has given a self-confidence that by putting in effort anything can be achieved.

Things that I want to take away from this event are:-

🌟 Consistency is the key.

🌟 Being patient leads to a good path.

🌟 Always be prepared for the worst.

🌟 Not all things in life will favor you.

🌟 Be polite and have good communication skills.

🌟 Wait for your chance not just keep rushing.

🌟 Always start never think about winning or losing just start and give the best of yourself.

Mistakes to avoid:-

πŸ“Œ Never rush for points.

πŸ“Œ Have patience.

πŸ“Œ Never celebrate too early.

πŸ“Œ Always keep your ego aside.

πŸ“Œ Never fear to start or participate.

Overall, my first open-source event was an incredible experience. I learned a lot and met some amazing people. I left the event feeling inspired and excited to continue exploring the world of open source and keep contributing.

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